PS IR/UV Picosecond Laser

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mopa fiber lasers - PS IR/UV Picosecond Laser
  • mopa fiber lasers - PS IR/UV Picosecond Laser
mopa fiber lasers - PS IR/UV Picosecond Laser

PS IR/UV Picosecond Laser

Application Advantages

Central Wavelength: 1064 nm (532 nm / 355 nm )

Pulse Width: 6~10 ps

Beam Quality: M2 < 1.3

Average Power: 30W(@1064nm)/10W (@ 355 nm)

Repetition Rate: Single Shot to 1MHz

Pulse Picking Mode: Burst Mode, Position Synchronized Output


JPT-PS picosecond laser series are based on the novel application approach with a compact dual-layers cavity and smart opto-electronic design. It adapts to fine industrial machining environment and merging scientific characterizations. Presently infrared and ultraviolet version are available for the customs with a minimum pulse duration around 6 ps. JPT picosecond laser possesses powerful functions providing the POD and Burst Mode, the tunable repetition rate ranges from single short to 1MHz.

Parameter UnitUnitParameter
Central Emission Wavelengthnm1064 / 532 / 355
Repetition RatekHzSingle Pulse - 1MHz
Average Power@1064nmW30313232
Average Power@355nmW101087
Single Pulse Energy(@1064nm)μJ75624032
Single Pulse Energy(@355nm)μJ2520107
Pulse Durationnm< 10 ps @1064
Power Stability
RMS <2%
Peak Energy StabilitynmRMS <2%@1064RMS < 3%@355
Beam Quality
Beam Pointing Stabilitynm< 50 μrad/C°@1064 & 355
Linear Polarization Ratio
> 100:1
Beam Circularity%> 85
Divergence (Full Angle)nm~ 2 mrad @1064~ 1 mrad @355
Beam Diameter at Outputmm1.5 ± 0.5 (Customized Option Available)
Power ConfigurationV24 DC
Power ConsumptionW< 600 (20W 1064nm @1MHz)
Cooling Time
Closed Circuited Water Cooling
Operation Condition
Temperature 15-35 ℃, Humidity < 65%
Recommend Water Cooling Temperature20
Pulse Picking ModeBurst Mode ( 1~65535)
Positioning Synchronizing Mode
Starting Time (Warm)min< 10
Starting Time (Cool)min< 40
Storage Temperature-20 ~ 40

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