Hybrid Trimmer

Passive Component

Passive Component - Hybrid Trimmer
  • Passive Component - Hybrid Trimmer
Passive Component - Hybrid Trimmer

Hybrid Trimmer

Product Highlights

Ultralow to ultrahigh full range measuring & trimming

Auto switch between measuring & trimming mode

One substrate is compatible for multi-size/type of resistors

Customized probe card, provide any angle you want

Customized fiber laser, provide the best cost performance

Double PR camera to endure the probe card positioning accuracy, BP camera to real time monitor the trimming Modular anti-vibration design to ensure the system reliability High effective JSTrim software, compatible for MES Customized PNP mechanism, significantly increase productioon capacity Compatible for IR/UV/Green laser, can be adjusted according to the process requirement

Hybrid trimmer change the resistance value through cutting the resistor to change the CSA & conductive length by short pulse laser scanning, combined with the high accuracy / responding speed measuring system, to realize real time resistance value adjustment, and then realize hybrid trimming purpose.

Measuring range Trimming range Substrate dimension Measuring system LaserPNP Software environmentSoftware language
0.1mΩ - 100MΩ1mΩ - 50MΩ100mm × 100mm
Others can be customized
JPT developed according to customer requiremnet Customized  CustomizedWin10 Multi - language

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