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Vision Inspection

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JPT has designed excellent vision inspection equipments for high-speed dimension and defect inspection of six-sided passivecomponents. The dimension inspection resolution is down to +/-5μm and the defect inspection resolution down to +/-15μm. For field-of-view (Fov) = 4.0mm × 3.2mm

JPT's six-sided inspection machine features simultaneous measurement of multi dimensions and multi defect, industry-leading high-precision, sub-pixel measurement, customized image processing algorithm adaptive binary processing, high detection robustness even when the product illumination is non-uniform. The types of defects that can be detected include chipping, staining, abnormal shape, crack, scratch. It also features fast detection as fast as millisecond, and contactless testing with no damage to products.

Also, it enjoys customized automatic loading and unloading, customized distribution bin, customized history data and images archire. The defect detection effect shall be subject to the actual product characteristics. Our vision inspection equipments are usually applied to passive components of 3C industry, or 2D AOI of other polyhedrons. Contact us to learn more about our vision inspection equipments.

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