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Passive Component - Laser Scriber
  • Passive Component - Laser Scriber
Passive Component - Laser Scriber

Laser Scriber

1.The UV laser developed by HiPA has smaller heat effect, lower crater, finer laser beam and less filler. The vaporized groove has a V-shaped cross-section to facilitate the folding of the substrate and able to adapt to smaller resistance models, achieve smaller line width, upper and lower contrast camera monitoring and positioning design to improve positioning accuracy

2.Proprietary mechanical system with lighter hollowed U-shape fixture, reduce the quality of the fixture and improve the stability at high speed, and customize the XY motion module to ensure the accuracy of the scribing.Special machine design minimizes equipment vibration caused by XY linear module acceleration

3.Monitoring and positioning design of up and down control cameras to improve positioning accuracy

4.Innovatively designed for control sotiware for laser marking equipment, according to actual conditions, different operating parameters can be set, and customize the process graphics and process parameters according to production requirements to achieve the import function

5.Independently design mechanical system and vision system cooperation to achieve ±0.75μm/70mm straightness and ±1μm positioning accuracy

The laser scriber is applied to the scribing of various types of chip resistor ceramic substrates, including infrared and ultraviolet models. The device uses a laser with customized model parameters emits an extremely fine laser beam at adequate energy density. The beam goes through an optical beam shaping process and is then expanded, filtered and focused before hiting the ceramic substrate. This vaporizes the part of the substrate that is hit by the beam, forming scribe lines on the surface.






Substrate type

0075 and above

01005 and above

Scribe line depth

50±5μm(01005 Substrates) 

80±5μm(0201 Substrates)

Min line width





Absolute accuracy




Max speed

550mm/s(line module)



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