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Laser Equipment

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JPT produce a wide range of laser equipments. Our laser equipments include Ghost Writer & Reader - Subsurface 2D Barcode Marking & Reading System, High Precision 2DBC Laser-marking, PCB Laser Marking System, Automatic FPCB Laser Cutting and Placing System, Brittle Material Cutting & Splitting System, Brittle Materials Drilling System and so on. Our Subsurface 2D Barcode Marking & Reading System can mark invisible micro-sized 2D barcode inside glasses / sapphires, we design this marking and reading system which can mark dots as small as 2.5 μm. This system marks each sample with unique informationon, which helps for the traceability and anti-counterfeiting.

The High Precision 2DBC Laser-marking marks μ m-precision 2D barcode (2DBC) with pulsed-laser. The 2DBC is for product traceability. This machine has integrated onloading & offloading, global/local alignment, marking & inspection. Fully automation delivers high UPH.

The PCB Laser Marking system is tailored for fully automatic inline dynamic marking in the PCB industry. It realizes automatic loading & unloading using the SMEMA standard.

Automatic FPCB Laser Cutting and Placing System enjoys Twin laser cutting station design, for high cutting speed and accuracy: Fully automated cutting, PNP, loading & unloading.

Brittle Material Cutting & Splitting System emits Ultrafast laser with compatible cutting head to cut britile materials like sapphire glass, etc., and use CO 2 laser system for spliting after the cutting.

The Brittle Materials Drilling System adopts ultra-fast laser and high-speed galvo mirrors, which can drill holes in materials such as sapphire, glass, and wafer.

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