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Company Welfare

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  • Working Hours

    5 days per week & 8 hours per day, overtime working will be paid according to labor law

  • Five social insurances and a housing provident fund

    Social insurances and housing provident fund for employees such as Endowment Insurance、Medical Insurance、Employment Injury Insurance、Unemployment Insurance、 Maternity Insurance

  • Provide accommodation

    Free employee dormitory equipped with air conditioning and water heater, Employee canteen

  • Household registration

    Company professionals could assist to settle in Shenzhen or Huizhou

  • Bonus

    Year-End bonus, Performance-related bonus, Patent bonus, Contribution bonus, Outstanding staff bonus, Project bonus, Incentive shares, etc.

  • Holiday welfare

    lucky money, Gifts of Dragon Boat Festival / Mid-Autumn Festival / Women's Day, etc.

  • Talent housing

    Public rental housing, housing subsidies, living allowances

  • Vacations

    Paid annual leave, Maternity leave, Parental leave, Wedding leave, legal festivals & holidays, etc.

  • Trainings

    New employee orientation training, Professional skills training, Management improvement training, Associate trainee training, Comprehensive literacy training, Overseas work opportunity, etc.

  • Recreational activities

    Sports clubs (Basketball/badminton/table tennis/football), Team travel, Birthday party, Afternoon tea, Mental health consultation, Outward-Bound, etc.

Junior talent policy

All fresh graduates with a full-time college education or above can settle in Shenzhen;

One-time rental and living allowance for newly recruited full-time undergraduate and above graduates: 30,000 yuan for undergraduate students, 50,000 yuan for masters and 60,000 yuan for doctors;

Key enterprise talents can enjoy subsidies for renting houses: the subsidy standard for each set of renting houses is 12,000 yuan per year;

For the first time, a fresh college student looking a job in Longhua district can stay in Youth Talent Station for free within 7 days.

Young talent gathering project

Basic requirements:

(1)settled in Shenzhen;

(2)under 40 years old;

(3)not Longhua District high-level talents;

(4)have signed 3-year (or above) employment contracts.

Extra requirements: (one of the following requirements)

(1) the full-time doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degree holders from the top 500 universities in the world;

(2) talents with qualifications of senior technicians, technicians, senior artisans;

(3) talents with qualifications of senior technical professionals.


(1)Fresh graduates who settle in Shenzhen with a Ph.D degree, master’s degree, bachelor’s degree from the top 500 universities in the world will be given employment support subsidies of RMB 80,000, RMB 50,000, RMB 30,000 respectively.

(2) Talents with a Ph.D degree, master’s degree from the top 500 universities in the world will be given subsidies of RMB 200,000, RMB 150,000 respectively.

(3) Talents with a taxable salary of RMB 150,000 to 300,000 (including RMB 300,000), RMB 300,000 to 500,000 (including RMB 500,000), RMB 500,000 to 700,000 (including RMB 700,000), RMB 700,000 to 1,000,000 (including RMB 1,000,000), over RMB 1,000,000 in the previous year will be given a talent salary reward of RMB 10,000, RMB 30,000 , RMB 50,000 , RMB 60,000 , RMB 100,000 respectively.

※ The above benefits are for employees in Shenzhen only. Benefits of overseas branches refer to local regulations.
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