Laser Marking

Laser marking focus high energy density laser beam to irradiate on the surface of the material, and the chemical reaction occurs on the surface of the material. then the color of the material surface changes, and finally to achieve the marking effect. Because of its permanent marking characteristics, laser marking also has the function of product security.

Laser Marking Process

JPT's Star Product - M7 Type

1.1-500ns pulse (Customizable) width adjustment range 2.Adjustable range of 1-4000k Hz, at the same time can be higher peak 3.Intelligent fan speed regulation 4.Large single pulse energy 5.Good beam quality 6.The first pulse has a fast response speed and no light leakage (no delay) 7.Good stability Note: The M7 series are powerful models can be customized according to your needs

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JPT's Laser Marking Applications by Materials

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Why Choose JPT Laser

JPT integrates leading technologies such as laser and optics, test and measurement, motion control and automation, machine vision. The company highly values intellectual property and has applied for more than 530 patents&software copyrights.

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