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Passive components like resistors, inductors, and capacitors used in electronics are required to build any electrical or electronic circuit. Unlike active components, passive components do not generate energy and do not require an external power source to operate, but can either dissipate, absorb or store it in an electric or magnetic field. It also cannot amplify, oscillate, or generate an electrical signal. Passive components are able to influence the running electricity flows in it. For example, they can resist the electricity flow and store energy for later use, or produce inductance. However, they can't control or amplify electricity themselves.

JPT is a leading manufactuer for developing and producing passive components. We offer high precision passive components including laser scriber, high voltage resistor tester, single chip resistor tester, laser trimmer, hybrid trimmer, etc. The chip-resistor trimmer series products developed and produced by JPT have leading technologies and are sold across the world. In 2018, JPT's self-developed resistor laser trimmingtechnology won the first prize of Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award.

Laser Trimmer is mainly used to scan and trim resistors with the short-pulse laser. The laser can "cut out" kerfs of given depth by gasifying the resistive film on the ceramic substrate, altering the length and the cross-sectional area of the resistor and this subsequently changes its resistance value.

Hybrid trimmer tunes the resistance value through partially cutting the resistor by short-pulse laser to change the CSA & conductive length. Combined with the high accuracy / responding speed measuring system, real time resistance value adjustment and hybrid trimming can be realized.

Single chip-resistor tester provides quick high precision testing and analysis automatically. Using high precision resistance meter with automatic control system. Single chip resistor tester is ideally for inspection and testing of product.

The high-voltage tester is mainly used for short-term overload (STOL) test of high-quality and high-precision chip resistors. The resistance change before and after the high-voltage test is compared by the measurement system, and the bad resistors are screened out and cut through by laser to reduce the risk of resistance instability. Customers can edit the test conditions to meet the quality requirements of different specifications of resistors. It is an efficient high-voltage method with a screening function.

The laser scriber is applied to the scribing of various types of chip resistor ceramic substrates, including infrared and ultraviolet models. The laser scriber emits an extremely fine laser beam at adequate energy density. The beam goes through an optical beam shaping process and is then expanded, filtered and focused before hitting the ceramic substrate. This vaporizes the part of the substrate that is hit by the beam, forming scribe lines on the surface.

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