CW Fiber Lasers

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CW Fiber Lasers


CW fiber laser is used in laser cleaning, cutting, welding and cladding. The application industries of CW Laser include aerospace, machinery, automobiles, refrigeration equipment, high-speed railway, ships, medical treatment, new energy, food package, and other fields.

JPT CW fiber laser is the optimal combination of optical, mechanical, electrical and software components. Through the controlling ports and the controlling software, the operating status of the laser can be monitored in real time, alarm messages can be received in time, and data can be collected. The laser uses water-cooling and shelf case design, with competitive advantage like high energy conversion (electric to light), low power consumption, maintenance free, fiber delivery, and easy to assemble, it is the most suitable laser source for industrial laser welding, cutting and other applications.

CW Fiber laser FAQs

Question: What is CW Fiber laser?


Fiber laser is a kind of DPSS laser in which the doped fiber optics cable is used as gain medium. It works in two mode - pulsed and CW (Continuous Wave). A CW DPSS laser is created through optical pumping of gain medium.

Question: What is difference between CW and pulsed laser?


CW (Continuous Wave) is continuous emission of laser energy while pulsed laser is characterized by the duration of emission. All the laser energy is contained in a short burst called pulse after which the output of laser becomes zero.

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