Amazing Pulsed Fiber Laser Applications You Never Knew

pulsed fiber laser applications

JPT has a diverse series of laser products, pulsed fiber lasers are one of them. Pulsed Lasers sends out short high-intensity pulses rather than one continuous beam. Here you could find all the amazing applications that pulsed fiber lasers could make and you would never think of.

Black marking on stainless steel

black marking on stainless steel

Copper sheet cutting

copper steel cutting

Stainless steel engraving

Stainless steel engraving​

Plastic marking

plastic marking

Color marking on stainless steel

color marking on stainless steel

Day and night marking

day and night marking

Wiring & tube marking

wiring and tube marking

QR code marking on metal

QR code marking on metal​

Black Marking on Oxide Aluminum

black marking on oxide aluminum

Electronic Component Marking

Electronic Component Marking​

The font character marking on IC chip

the font character marking on IC chip

Laser Cleaning

laser cleaning

Jewelry marking

Metal sheet cutting

metal sheet cutting

Laser welding

Laser welding​

The above pictures of JPT’s laser work samples only show a small category of applications by pulsed fiber lasers. To learn more about what pulsed fiber lasers can do, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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