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Laser in the electronics and semiconductor industry

Laser marking has been used in many diverse industries. One of the essential uses for laser marking and engraving is in the electronics and semiconductor industry. Laser marking and engraving is a highly versatile process and is extremely clear, permanent, and keep intact the integrity of the material after the processing.

The main requirement for marking of semiconductor components is precise control and accuracy. That is the reason why laser technology is predominantly used for various applications. Lasers can mark silicon wafers or circuit boards that can only be measured in a few microns. Laser marking has become a preferred choice for the fast-growing electronics and semiconductor sector.

Comprising mass-market products produced in large numbers, factors of traceability and identification are crucial to the industry’s success. Due to these requirements, the laser marking procedure has become the backbone of the semiconductor and electronics industry.

Advantages and functions of laser technology

Permanent Marking Effect

The main advantage of laser marking over other conventional marking methods is that the laser creates a durable marking effect that lasts long, resistant to contact with heat, abrasion, and chemicals. 

Minimal maintenance

Laser saves maintenance time and is cost-effective as it does not require tooling and reloading of materials. In laser, there is no wearing of tools as the laser beam performs the marking. This results in consistency and fast turnover rates.

Non-Contact Process

Laser marking, the equipment does not directly come into contact with the material being marked or engraved. It only affects the sample area where the laser beam is focused. Therefore, laser marking is a contactless process with very minimal or almost no damage to the material.

Suitable for Different Materials and Process

A laser marking system can also be used for laser engraving and other processes with slight modification. The laser system is suitable for various materials that provide flexibility and save cost as the electronic industry uses different materials like metals, structural steels, stainless steels, plastic, etc. 

Environmentally Safe

Laser marking is an environmentally safe process to perform marking. It does not use any chemicals and only produce a few toxic fumes or waste products in the marking process.

Applications examples in the electronic industry

PCB boards marking

PCB boards and electronics are marked with permanent and machine-readable laser marking machines.  Laser marking of electronics guarantees accurate identification, traceability, and quality assurance. The marking is permanent and highly legible and ensures a flawless quality assurance process across the entire life cycle chain and the process. 

The laser can mark any design from complex 2D-data matrix codes to alphanumeric characters and customized contents. Lasers are also used to cut electrical insulation foils that segment the electronic components and circuit boards. 


Electronic components must be marked with simple alphanumeric codes, complex 2D codes, logos, or customized data for housing purposes. It is done to easy traceability, quality assurance, and trademark protection of the components. Laser marking is the best option since it is a cost-efficient and secure marking process that satisfies these requirements.

Surface mount devices (SMD) marking

SMD components require a high precision marking. These devices are tiny, and data that need to be printed on these components are in the micrometer range.  Various materials are used for SMD components, such as ceramic, synthetic materials, metals, etc.  The laser markings in these components are range from tracing codes to alphanumeric characters and logos, 2D codes, and customized design. 

Different types of lasers employed in electronics and semiconductor industries

MOPA Laser

MOPA Fiber lasers are best suited for marking electronic components made of plastics and ceramics materials. JPT MOPA fiber laser offers excellent flexibility and customization along with reliable and long-lasting marking features. The main advantage of MOPA lasers is that important laser parameters can be changed without changing the setup or operating principle of the laser system. 

JPT MOPA Fiber laser has high beam power, high beam quality, with relatively low power consumption. The higher output power has its advantages, especially in high-speed marking applications. MOPA fiber laser is widely used in electronics for silicon 3C electronics marking, metal processing, and packaging.

UV lasers

Ultra-violet (UV) laser emits radiation in the UV region. It can produce a high-energy laser beam within a small focus spot with high speed processing. JPT’s UV laser can be used for various applications in the electronics and semiconductor industry. JPT offers Lark and Seal series laser sources for ultra-fine marking of electronics components made of plastic, glass, crystal and ceramics, and Cutting of different materials including Glass, Rubber, PCB, FPCB, Paper, and Ceramics.

PCB laser machine

PCB Laser Marking Machine from JPT is especially designed for marking of PCB. It can be used for marking of 2D codes, characters, barcodes, graphics and other information on printed circuit board. The marking system in integrated with high-performance CO2/Fiber laser source high-quality laser beam, small focusing spots and efficient output power. PCB Laser Marking system is competent for automatic positioning and post-marking feedback reporting.

Our laser technology recommendation for electronics and semiconductor industry applications

JPT laser marking systems utilize modern technology in electronic laser processing. Our laser markings are permanent, fast, and flexible and are suitable for offering a wide range of lasers for different types of electronics marking applications. 

As a listed company established for more than a decade, JPT is one of the few laser manufacturers in the market that can produce supply systems for all your electronic components marking and engraving applications. JPT offers different laser systems such as MOPA fiber laser, UV lasers, and PCB laser marking systems, and you can choose according to your need.  

Contact JPT laser today to learn more about our laser marking for electronics and semiconductors industry applications. If you’re interested in utilizing these laser marking electronics applications for your business, please contact us.

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