How to Choose a Suitable Laser Source – MOPA Series

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As a tool, the laser has become a new favorite in the industrial age. Compared with other traditional processing methods, the laser has only a short history of several decades. But in just a few decades, the laser has been born with the corresponding laser source and related customized solutions for different industries, different materials, and even different effect requirements of the same material.

As a listed company established for 16 years, JPT is one of the few laser source manufacturers in the market that can produce DPSS source, MOPA fiber laser source, CW fiber laser source, and QCW fiber laser source simultaneously. Therefore, JPT has accumulated professional and extensive customized solutions in order to meet the demand of customer.

In most cases, our customers have specific requirements for the results of sample testing! However, it is not always clear which laser product is the right one to choose.

Our goal is to be a laser source company that provides solutions according to customers’ specific requirements. This article aims to help customers choose the right laser according to their own demands and preference.

Most sample can be divided into the following categories

LP Series (fixed pulse width)

LP Series:Because only 200ns has a power coverage of 20W-50W, it has significant limitations when other pulse widths are needed (for example, anodized aluminium black marking, stainless steel color marking, sheet welding of dissimilar metals, and most applications that require low thermal input)

LP series is still the optimal choice when 200ns is able to meet the functional requirement.

The following is a simple division of application coverage by power range. ​

M7 Series (adjustable pulse width)

M7 Series:It has multiple optional pulse widths between the range of 2-500ns and power range from 20W-350W. Therefore, the M7 Series has a stronger adaptability for different materials and different effect requirements, and is able to cover application scenarios such as marking, welding, cutting, surface treatment, drilling and etc.

The following is a simple division of coverage applications by power segment.

CL Series (specialized series for cleaning application)

CL Series: This series is launched for the cleaning industry particularly. The power range is now available from 100W-500W and our 1000-2000W are in development. We are able to provide mold cleaning, rusted metal, and oil cleaning, pre-welding and post-welding weld treatment, and other application scenarios requirements.

Thank you for reading this article.

I hope it will help you further understand JPT products and choose the right MOPA model according to your application scenarios’ requirements!

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