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JPT Open strategic view and marketing strategy seminar


How to meet the manufacturing industryexpanding environment? From 7th to 8th Dec. 2013, JPT Electronics invited Mr.Tan Zhaolin and Mr. Xu Fengyun to training JPT’s team to discuss thisissue. 

Mr. Tan Zhaolin is the president of TopleadShenzhen enterprise management consultant co., Ltd, and is the first person toopen excellent leadership training lessons, also is the famous managementconsulting expert.

Mr. Xu Fengyun is the vice president ofElec-tech Guangdong and Nvc Lighting, who is well known figure in marketing.

They came to JPT, training for allmanagement people, including marketing team, technical support team, QC teamand manufacturing team. The training theme was ‘strategic view and marketingseminar’, After listened to the two senior experts’ talking, everyone wasmotivated and inspired.

Two experts and senior executives reviewedthe marketing strategy about JPT’s two divisions (Optical Telecommunicationdivision and fiber lasers division) for the next three years. Thanks to theseminar, everyone go forward to thinking about marketing strategy in anotherstep. The strategy will be more clear for the next three years. JPT is aninnovative company, a learning and passionate team. We are looking forward to creatinggreater achievements together!

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